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IBAN Banking, FX Settlements & Merchant Payment Processing
BANKT is a UK fintech company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners from around the globe expand their operations by providing a hassle-free way to send, receive, pay and convert funds quickly.
IBAN Digital
Bankt account
A simple, secure app that enables you to access
all the banking services you need for your business
from anywhere in the world.
Merchant payments
Provide your online shoppers with
a localized checkout experience regardless of their location.
FX Settlements
Convert & transfer your funds quickly around the globe at a lower cost than banks.
Our Mission
BANKT is designing a payment and banking system
that makes it easy and affordable for businesses
of any size, in any industry, and in any place to
expand beyond their current limits.
Bankt is trusted around the world
"We recently got bankt, it saves us time and money thanks to having our banking and payment processing all in one place, it just made sense!"
Jane - Furniture Village
Do business in over 180 countries
Expand into Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and more.
Accept over 30 currencies
Convert and move your money fast around the world.
Regulated & Compliant
Trust is our biggest asset.
PCI DSS Certified
The most secure measures possible.

Our single API makes

your business go global

Our API connector provides a smooth online

checkout tailored to each customer's locale,

language, and currency, boosting cart conversions.

Support when you need it
how you want it,
The team at Bankt functions like a well-oiled machine
for one goal, facilitating frictionless payments for you.

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Bankt is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) company that provides businesses with the ability to use one API to access all payments from any method or provider that's tied in with us.

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