Crypto processing

We offer a simple, secure and automated solutions for businesses to on/off ramp fiat to crypto & vice versa.
To provide gaming companies with an opportunity to upgrade their business models and implement alternative payment methods.

Features & Benefits

More & more gaming companies are waking up to the opportunities crypto has to offer
  • Save up to 90% on fees

    Crypto fees are much lower than regular fees so why pay more for transactions?

  • Global Coverage
    Crypto is truly borderless, open your website to players all around the world!
  • Privacy

    Protect your players’ identity against strict laws or social stigma with untraceable crypto transfers.

  • Fast settlements

    As soon as a payment has been made, it goes straight to your wallet.

Settlements & Transfers

Choose to settle in Bitcoin, USDT or your local currency, or a mix of both. Transfer funds to your bank account or external wallet automatically or on demand. With Xazur PAY you decide your on/off ramping needs and we take care of the rest.

Tax regulations, fiscal policies, and gambling laws make it hard to run gaming businesses using fiat money. Thankfully, crypto is here to help!

Fiat Processing

Get your crypto payments deposited directly into your bank account – or the other way around. Accept fiat payments and we deposit crypto into your wallet with Xazur PAY your always in control, you decide your needs and we take care of the rest.

Xazur PAY leaders in Crypto Processing
Our team is constantly innovating every day to keep our products the best in the industry
  • 1
    Built-in fraud protection
    Regular monitoring flags potential irregular activity.
  • 2
    Secure custody and transfer
    Xazur PAY uses the highest encrypted security protocols.
  • 3
    Quick Setup
    Full training provided
    Our products are simple to setup and operate.
  • 4
    Regulatory compliant
    Xazur PAY is fully license to handle cryptocurrencies payments.
  • 5
    Fast Settlements
    Recipients receive payment instantly or near-instantly.
  • 6
    Low Fees
    Low transaction processing fees, with no hidden charges.
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