Accept customer payments globally with a single API

In order to grow your business, it is important to have the ability to accept customer payments from all over the world. Xazur offers a reliable, secure and convenient solution for rapidly scaling your business with a single API.

Use our single API, to accept customers payments worldwide
Xazur offers a reliable, secure and quick solution for rapidly accepting customers online payments worldwide with a single API.

Europe - Asia - Middle East - Latin America - Africa
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam,
Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela,
Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania,
Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain,
Merchant payment processing
Doing business the traditional way used to involve having a physical store to offer a product to customers, which limited the potential customer base to people who could reach the store. However, with Xazur's payment technology and our localised online payment connector, traditional merchants can now expand their online customer base beyond their own country by offering payment options prefered by customers from around the world.
Connect Global like a Local
Customers should have easy access to a wide range of payment methods. Credit card processing and other payment options can be combined to suit the needs of your business. This will help to prevent customers from leaving their shopping carts and will help to increase your conversion rates.
Our AI Tech will give you the edge
AI machine learning technology means the system will always keep improving as it understands customer behaviour in different regions. This means our local technology per region is unparalleled in terms of customer approval as the software efficacy keeps improving itself with time.
Single API integration
If you're a merchant, this API integration gives you access to over 180 different payment methods in emerging markets and 150 currencies, so you can focus on increasing traffic and customers in different regions, and boost your sales.


Increase your international presence and access unexplored markets. Enable acceptance of almost any type of payment, from common credit and debit cards to local and alternate payment methods familiar to customers.
  • Single API connecter

    Our gateway provides access to a wide range of payment technology options with a straightforward REST API. View our API documentation here.
  • Fraud monitoring

    Our team of experts monitor merchants' traffic 24/7 to ensure that no interruption takes place, even during high-volume periods.
  • Global to local solutions

    Xazur provides a convenient local payment solution. The payment process is seamless regardless of customers geographical location.
  • Mobile payment options

    As mobile usage surges globally, many emerging market’s most popular payment methods are using mobile payments, Our API will seamlessly offer them to your customers.
  • AI Analytics & reporting

    We provide merchants with powerful payment data, insight and analysis that give them a real-time view of their data, helping them expand into new markets.
  • How to apply

    Our dedicated onboarding team of experts will help you open a account, contact our team today to book a demo or request access to our API here.
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